Travels Dreams: A “TOP 10” List

Do you have a travel “bucket list”?  How about a Mission Trip Bucket List? Been yearning to visit a far off land in particular?  I saw these travel ‘wish lists’ in a recent luxury travel survey and wondered how it resonates with vacationers.  Feedback is appreciated!  I’ve been fortunate to take part in a few of these so if you have a desire to set up a dream vacation for you and your loved ones just let me know – I’m here to serve!



1. Setting sail for a world cruise

2. Sailing the Mediterranean on a private yacht

3. Calling on all seven continents

4. Renting a European villa

5. Visiting the seven New Wonders of the World

6. Photographing the “big five” on an African safari

7. Renting a private island

8. Blasting off into suborbital space

9. Chartering a private jet

10.Dining your way through Paris’ best restaurants



1. Australia

2. Italy

3. South Africa

4. New Zealand

5. Greece

6. Antarctica 

7. France

8. French Polynesia

9. China

10. Ireland


Here at Mission Travel, some of our staff have already crossed off many of these on the bucket list and most dream destinations – we’d be happy to help you plan the trip of a lifetime!  Whether you need missionary travel, group airfare for a mission trip. honeymoon or Christian travel we’re here to help. We’ll be glad to assist and offer professional guidance for you to explore this beautiful world!

By: Mission Travel