OUR Team

Chris Niemeyer


Chris Niemeyer founded MissionTravel.org in 2006.

Cary Boster

Manager, Sales

Cary has been in the travel industry for 12 years specializing in the

Karen Ceisner

Director, Operations

I started in travel 18 years ago as an International Group Travel Consultant…

Maria Barone

Travel Advisor

“New Yawk” born and raised, Maria lived in Virginia for 25 years working…

Erin Goettsch

Travel Advisor

Erin is a lifelong southerner who has enjoyed travel adventures to Africa…

Howard Hicks

Travel Advisor

Howard started working in the travel industry in 1989 and specialized in…

Sheree Pree

Travel Advisor

With nearly 15 years in the travel industry, Sheree started her career as a Hawaii Destination specialist

Kranthi Koovor

Travel Advisor

Born In India with more than half my life spent in muggy overcrowded but lively Mumbai I see travel through a different lens.

Karol Fleming

Travel Advisor

In 1987 Karol started working for a travel agency in Jacksonville, FL serving corporate and convention travel.  In 2002 she started working for Menno Travel Service and as her introduction to humanitarian and missionary travel.  Karol retired in 2016 after 14 years with Menno Travel.  She shares “it was rewarding to be able to work…

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