Maria Barone

“New Yawk” born and raised, Maria lived in Virginia for 25 years working at CBN from 1981 to 1998.   She started in their Prayer Counsel Department and Administration divisions serving as support to three directors, before her first trip to Israel.  While at CBN she also had the opportunity to  travel to the Middle East and Europe many times and has made approximately 20 visits to Israel, facilitating groups from 30 to 500 through Israel, Jordan and Egypt. In 1998 she moved back to NY and started her own tour company, Provident Tours, doing primarily school groups and Middle East tours. Israel tours are clearly her specialty, though she has in the last few years traveled to Italy and Turkey – Rome, Florence, Tuscany – beautiful and historic….and the food! Maria’s travel and tour experience has shown her that when you travel, whether faith-based or leisure, you come to understand that “we” are all the same, desiring the best for our families, friends, neighbors, and community.  We all need God’s love and travel, whether in the U.S. or abroad, gives us the opportunity to share that love.

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