Missions Trip Packing List

Missions Trip Packing List

Missions Trip Packing List: An Essentials Guide

Missions Trip Packing List

If you’re planning a missions trip, you know there are many things to prepare for.  If  flying internationally and heading over to serve on your mission trip for a week or more then there are essential missions trip packing list items you’ll need.  From safety, health, comfort and convenience, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible.  This short post and download of our missions trip packing list guide will help you – and feel free to share!

Top Missions Trip Packing List Travel Items

First, whether you’re a team leader or a participant on a missions trip, you’ll want to be prepared.  Our comprehensive missions packing list shows you what to pack for a mission trip.  There are general travel items that nearly every person should have for a missions trip or any type of travel, such as:

Consider Weather, Bugs, Etc?

Heading into areas of the world on your mission trip where you need to prepare and pack extra items for weather and bug-related issues?  If so, consider these top-items recommended:

Safety First!

Next, suppose you’re roughing it on your missions trip by camping or conditions don’t have lights after dark.  Or perhaps you are deep in the bush or jungle and first-aid is necessary?  We’ve got you covered with these top packing items:

Travel Conveniences & Comfort

Should you or your team have long flights, comfort is key.  Don’t forget these top travel comfort items in our trip packing list:

Preparation, safety, health, convenience are key to making the most of your missions trip experience.  We hope these above items provide ideas to help you succeed.

Download our customizable, full missions trip packing list for a comprehensive look at what you’ll need for your next missions trip.

What else would you add as a necessary item or tips to consider for a missions trip?

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