Missions Trip Packing List

Missions Trip Packing List: An Essentials Guide If you’re planning a missions trip, you know there are many things to plan for.  If you’re flying internationally and heading over to serve on your mission trip for a week or more then there are essential missions trip packing list items you’ll need.  From safety, health, comfort…

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group airfare

Which is Best: Individual or Group Airfare?

Individual vs. Group Airfare Difference for Missions If you’ve ever wondered the difference between individual vs. group airfare deals then this post is for you. We hope it will shed light on the many benefits of both individual and group airfare and which is best for you and your upcoming trip. Many people believe there…

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Missionary flights TSA

Missionary Flights – Is TSA Pre-Check Right for Me?

If you have traveled any time in the last few years, – for missionary flights or otherwise – you may have noticed some people in the security line are being funneled through to a different screening process. If you’re wondering what that’s all about (are they  Very Important Travelers? Diplomats? Are they just cooler than…

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Checklist & Timeline for Mission Trip Leaders

Useful Travel Checklist & Timeline for Mission Trip Leaders  UP TO 10 MONTHS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE: Reserve your mission travel airfare. Contact your host/church/mission office to find out when and where you should arrive and depart. Ask specifically for a flexible date range – +/- 1 or 2 days is most helpful when trying to…

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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Missionary Travel Agency

Ever wondered, “Why use a travel agent?” Or a Missionary Travel Agency? I mean, with thousands of travel sites online, can’t I book trips myself? Sure, but there are often over-looked details that could easily ruin your vacation – and you likely won’t pay any more to have a customized trip prepared for you by…

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