Missionary Airfare and Humanitarian Flights

A missionary travel agency have pre-negotiated fares with dozens of airlines, to be used specifically for travelers doing mission work and humanitarian aid. These are called Humanitarian and Missionary Airfare contracts, and they divide thousands of airports across the world into various zones, and lay out pricing for each particular market and season. Missionary airfare…

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Mission Travel Planning: Time To Start For Next Year!

Advent is upon us! Happy liturgical new year! Time to plan for next year’s mission travel needs. As you are prayerfully considering the use of your time and resources in this new year in the church calendar, remember it is not too soon to be preparing for next year’s mission travel needs. If your plans include…

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Mission Trips: Taking the high road

Staycation, international vacation or domestic vacation? Mission trip in the US or overseas? Wondering what to do on your next vacation? Think about staying “closer” to home. Pack up your car and head across the USA; it can be just as beautiful and exciting as traveling overseas, and you don’t need a passport, immunization shots…

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Avoid these 3 Mission Trip Planning Mistakes!

Uncertain of how to best prepare your church or ministry for an effective missions program? Have you been planning mission trips for years but there always seems to be issues that arise? You are not alone. According to many studies, the majority of mission trip leaders each year are brand new. Having never planned a…

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